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Constraints , opportunities and socio-economic factors affecting flock size holding in small scale intensive urban poultry production in Addis Ababa , Ethiopia

  title={Constraints , opportunities and socio-economic factors affecting flock size holding in small scale intensive urban poultry production in Addis Ababa , Ethiopia},
  author={Nebiyu Yemane and B. Tamir and A. Mengistu},
The study was conducted with the objectives of identifying the constraints and opportunities of small scale intensive poultry production and the socio-economic factors affecting flock size holding in Addis Ababa. A two-stage sampling technique was used to select Sub-cities and poultry farmers. A total of 156 poultry farmers and key informants were included in the study. The high price of feed (1 st ), shortage of land (2 nd ), unavailability of pullets in time (3 rd ), high cost of pullets (4… Expand

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