Constraining wrong-sign $hbb$ couplings with $h \rightarrow \Upsilon \gamma$

  title={Constraining wrong-sign \$hbb\$ couplings with \$h \rightarrow \Upsilon \gamma\$},
  author={Tanmoy Modak and Jorge C. Rom{\~a}o and Soumya Sadhukhan and Jo{\~a}o Pedro Silva and Rahul Srivastava},
  journal={Physical Review D},
The rare decay $h \rightarrow \Upsilon \gamma$ has a very small rate in the Standard Model, due to a strong cancellation between the direct and indirect diagrams. Models with a changed $hbb$ coupling can thus lead to a great increase in this decay. Current limits on two Higgs doublet models still allow for the possibility that the $hbb$ coupling might have a sign opposite to the Standard Model; the so-called "wrong-sign". We show how $h \rightarrow \Upsilon \gamma$ can be used to put limits on… Expand

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