Constraining the Evolutionary History of the Moon and the Inner Solar System : A Case for New Returned Lunar Samples

  title={Constraining the Evolutionary History of the Moon and the Inner Solar System : A Case for New Returned Lunar Samples},
  author={R. Tart{\`e}se and M. Anand and J. Gattacceca and K. H. Joy and J. Mortimer and J. Pernet-Fisher and S. Russell and J. F. Snape and B. Weiss},
  journal={Space Science Reviews},
  • R. Tartèse, M. Anand, +7 authors B. Weiss
  • Published 2019
  • Geology
  • Space Science Reviews
  • The Moon is the only planetary body other than the Earth for which samples have been collected in situ by humans and robotic missions and returned to Earth. Scientific investigations of the first lunar samples returned by the Apollo 11 astronauts 50 years ago transformed the way we think most planetary bodies form and evolve. Identification of anorthositic clasts in Apollo 11 samples led to the formulation of the magma ocean concept, and by extension the idea that the Moon experienced large… CONTINUE READING
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