Constraining the Evolution of Zz Ceti

  title={Constraining the Evolution of Zz Ceti},
  author={Anjum S. Mukadam and Samantha Kepler and D. E. Nather and Mukremin Kilic and Fergal R. Mullally and Ted von Hippel and Scott Kleinman and Atsuko Nitta and J.. and Artur Guzik and Paul A Bradley and Jaymie Matthews and Kazuhiro Sekiguchi and Denis J. Sullivan and Terry Sullivan and R. R. Shobbrook and Patricia H Birch and X. J. and Jiang and D. W. Xu and Saurabh Joshi and Bhaskar Ashoka and Peter Ibbetson and Elia M. Leibowitz and Eran Ofek and E. G. Mei{\vs}tas and Rimvydas Janulis and R. D. and Ali{\vs}auskas and R. Kalytis and Gerald Handler and David Kilkenny and Declan O'Donoghue and Donald W. Kurtz and Markus U. M{\"u}ller and Pawel Moskalik and W... and Ogloza and Staszek Zola and J. Krzesiński and F. Johnannessen and Josefa Mar{\'i}a Gonz{\'a}lez-P{\'e}rez and J. – E. Solheim and Roberto Silvotti and Sandra Bernabei and G.. and Vauclair and No{\"e}l Dolez and M. Chevreton and Minia Manteiga and Olga Milena Zarco Suarez and Ana Ulla and Margarida S. Cunha and Travis Metcalfe and A.. and Kanaan and Luciano St{\"u}rmer de Fraga and O. Giovannini and Pierre Bergeron and Marie S O'Brien and D. Sanwal and M. Augustynek and Wood and Thomas J. Ahrens and Nicole M. Silvestri and E. W. Klumpe and Steven D. Kawaler and R. A. Riddle and Todd K. Watson},
We report our analysis of the stability of pulsation periods in the DAV star (pulsating hydrogen atmosphere white dwarf) ZZ Ceti, also called R548. On the basis of observations that span 31 years, we conclude that the period 213.13 s observed in ZZ Ceti drifts at a rate dP=dt ð5:5 1:9Þ 10 15 s s 1, after correcting for proper motion. Our results are consistent with previous _ P values for this mode and an improvement over them because of the larger time base. The characteristic stability… CONTINUE READING