Constraining self-interacting dark matter with the full dataset of PandaX-II

  title={Constraining self-interacting dark matter with the full dataset of PandaX-II},
  author={Jijun Yang and Abdusalam Abdukerim and Wei Chen and Xun Chen and Yunhua Chen and Chen Cheng and Xiangyi Cui and Yingjie Fan and Deqing Fang and Changbo Fu and Mengting Fu and Li-Hui Geng and Karl Ludwig Giboni and Linhui Gu and Xuyuan Guo and Kyong Chol Han and Changda He and Shengming He and Di Huang and YanMei Huang and Ran Huo and Yanlin Huang and Zhou Huang and Xiangdong Ji and Yonglin Ju and Shuaijie Li and Q. Lin and Huaxuan Liu and Jianglai Liu and Xiao Yue Lu and Wenbo Ma and Yugang Ma and Yajun Mao and Yue Meng and Nasir Shaheed and Kaixiang Ni and Jinhua Ning and Xu Ning and Xiangxiang Ren and Changsong Shang and Guofang Shen and Lin Si and Andi Tan and Anqing Wang and Hongwei Wang and Meng Wang and Qiuhong Wang and Siguang Wang and Weiqi Wang and Xiuli Wang and Zhou Wang and Mengmeng Wu and Shiyong Wu and Weihao Wu and Jingkai Xia and Meng Xiao and Xi Xiao and Pengwei Xie and Binbin Yan and Yong Yang and Chun-xu Yu and Hai-Bo Yu and Jumin Yuan and Ying Yuan and Xin Zeng and Dan Zhang and Tao Zhang and Li Zhao and Qibin Zheng and Jifang Zhou and Ning Zhou and Xiaopeng Zhou},
  journal={Science China Physics, Mechanics \& Astronomy},
Self-interacting Dark Matter (SIDM) is a leading candidate proposed to solve discrepancies between predictions of the prevailing cold dark matter theory and observations of galaxies. Many SIDM models predict the existence of a light force carrier that mediate strong dark matter self-interactions. If the mediator couples to the standard model particles, it could produce characteristic signals in dark matter direct detection experiments. We report searches for SIDM models with a light mediator… 
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PandaX-II set constraints to self-interacting dark matter using the full dataset
  • Wan-Zhe Feng
  • Physics
    Science China Physics, Mechanics & Astronomy
  • 2021


Constraining Dark Matter Models with a Light Mediator at the PandaX-II Experiment.
The results are applied to constrain self-interacting dark matter models with a light mediator mixing with standard model particles, and set strong limits on the model parameter space for the dark matter mass ranging from 5 GeV to 10 TeV.
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