Constraining generalized non-local cosmology from Noether symmetries

  title={Constraining generalized non-local cosmology from Noether symmetries},
  author={Sebastian Bahamonde and Salvatore Capozziello and Konstantinos F. Dialektopoulos},
  journal={The European Physical Journal. C, Particles and Fields},
We study a generalized non-local theory of gravity which, in specific limits, can become either the curvature non-local or teleparallel non-local theory. Using the Noether symmetry approach, we find that the coupling functions coming from the non-local terms are constrained to be either exponential or linear in form. It is well known that in some non-local theories, a certain kind of exponential non-local couplings is needed in order to achieve a renormalizable theory. In this paper, we… 

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