Constraining Ground Force Exercises of NATO and the Warsaw Pact

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Deterrence and Restraint: Do Joint Military Exercises Escalate Conflict?

Multinational military exercises are among the most notable demonstrations of military cooperation and intent. On average, one is initiated every 8.9 days. But it has often been argued that joint

Military Statecraft and the Use of Multinational Exercises in World Politics

Although multinational military exercises have become a common foreign policy tool over the last three decades, our understanding of their purpose and variation is limited. Why do major powers

Joint Military Exercises and Crisis Dynamics on the Korean Peninsula

A number of proposals for reducing tensions with North Korea have discussed alterations to the program of joint military exercises (JMEs) that South Korea holds. North Korea has also repeatedly

Signals of strength: Capability demonstrations and perceptions of military power

ABSTRACT States often use demonstrations to improve perceptions of their military power. This topic has received limited attention in the literature, which typically assumes that states disguise or

What Deters and Why: Exploring Requirements for Effective Deterrence of Interstate Aggression

The challenge of deterring territorial aggression is taking on renewed importance, yet discussion of it has lagged in U.S. military and strategy circles. The authors aim to provide a fresh look, with

Joint Military Exercises

Joint military exercises (JMEs) are an indicator of military cooperation that has the potential to reveal much about the nature of the international system’s underlying relationships. States

Is Nuclear Deterrence Still Relevant

Is nuclear deterrence still relevant to US policy?1 Compared with the heights of its prominence in the depths of the Cold War, nuclear deterrence has fallen into relative obscurity. Given the nature

War Games: North Korea'S Reaction to US and South Korean Military Exercises

Since 1976, the militaries of the United States and South Korea have been holding routine joint military exercises (JMEs) for the purposes of military training and deterrence against North Korea.



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The major international treaties, 1914-1973;: A history and guide with texts

This completely revised and extended edition of Professor Grenville's unique handbook of contemporary treaties provides reliable texts of the major international agreements concluded since the Second

NATO-Warsaw Pact. Force Mobilization

Abstract : Recent demographic and economic trends present mobilization problems for both the North Atlantic Treaty Organization and the Warsaw Pact. When the United States and the Soviet Union agreed

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