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Constrained second-order power corrections in HQET: $R(D^{(*)})$, $|V_{cb}|$, and new physics

  title={Constrained second-order power corrections in HQET: \$R(D^\{(*)\})\$, \$|V\_\{cb\}|\$, and new physics},
  author={Florian Urs Bernlochner and Zoltan Ligeti and Michele Papucci and Markus Tobias Prim and Dean J. Robinson and Chenglu Xiong},
We postulate a supplemental power counting within the heavy quark effective theory, that results in a small, highly-constrained set of second-order power corrections, compared to the standard approach. We determine all B̄ → D(∗) form factors, both within and beyond the standard model to O(αs/mc,b, 1/mc,b), under truncation by this power counting. We show that the second-order power corrections to the zero-recoil normalization of the B̄ → D(∗)lν matrix elements (l = e, μ, τ) are fully determined… 



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