Constitutive negative regulation in the processing of the anti-Müllerian hormone receptor II.

  title={Constitutive negative regulation in the processing of the anti-M{\"u}llerian hormone receptor II.},
  author={Tal Hirschhorn and N Di clemente and Ayelet R. Amsalem and Robert Blake Pepinsky and J F Picard and Nechama I. Smorodinsky and Richard L. Cate and Marcelo Ehrlich},
  journal={Journal of cell science},
  volume={128 7},
The levels and intracellular localization of wild-type transforming growth factor β superfamily (TGFβ-SF) receptors are tightly regulated by endocytic trafficking, shedding and degradation. In contrast, a main regulatory mechanism of mutation-bearing receptors involves their intracellular retention. Anti-Müllerian hormone receptor II (AMHRII, also known as… CONTINUE READING