Constitutive endocytosis and degradation of CD22 by human B cells.

  title={Constitutive endocytosis and degradation of CD22 by human B cells.},
  author={Dr. Yau Wai Shan and Oliver W Press},
  journal={Journal of immunology},
  volume={154 9},
The CD22 B lymphocyte-surface Ag is an important component of the B cell-surface IgM (sIgM)/B cell receptor complex and has been shown to regulate B cell activation. In addition, this molecule has been shown to be an effective target for immunotherapy of B cell malignancies using immunotoxins and radioimmunoconjugates. In this report we describe the internalization and metabolic degradation of this molecule under constitutive conditions and after stimulation of B cells with phorbol dibutyrate… CONTINUE READING


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