Constitutive activation of muscarinic receptors by the G-protein Gq.

  title={Constitutive activation of muscarinic receptors by the G-protein Gq.},
  author={Ethan S. Burstein and Tracy A Spalding and Hans Bra{\"u}ner-Osborne and Mark R. Brann},
  journal={FEBS letters},
  volume={363 3},
In the absence of ligands, G-protein coupled receptors interconvert between active and inactive conformations. These conformations are stabilized by agonists and antagonists, respectively. Like agonists, G-proteins are thought to preferentially associate with receptors in the active conformation and should therefore be able to promote their formation in the absence of agonist. We show that over-expression of Gq induces constitutive activation of compatible muscarinic receptors and that this… CONTINUE READING

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