Constitutive Notch2 signaling induces hepatic tumors in mice.

  title={Constitutive Notch2 signaling induces hepatic tumors in mice.},
  author={Michael T. Dill and Luigi Tornillo and Thorsten Fritzius and Luigi Maria Terracciano and David Semela and Bernhard Bettler and Markus H Heim and Jan S. Tchorz},
  volume={57 4},
UNLABELLED Hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) and cholangiocarcinoma (CCC) are the most common liver tumors and a leading cause for cancer-related death in men. Notch2 regulates cellular differentiation in the developing and adult liver. Although aberrant Notch signaling is implicated in various cancers, it is still unclear whether Notch2 regulates proliferation and differentiation in liver carcinogenesis and thereby contributes to HCC and CCC formation. Here, we investigated the oncogenic… CONTINUE READING
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