Constitutional thinness: unusual human phenotype of low bone quality.

  title={Constitutional thinness: unusual human phenotype of low bone quality.},
  author={B Galusca and Mohamed Zouch and Natacha Germain and C{\'e}cile Bossu and Delphine Fr{\`e}re and François Lang and Marie-Helene Lafage-Proust and Thierry Thomas and Laurence Vico and Bruno Estour},
  journal={The Journal of clinical endocrinology and metabolism},
  volume={93 1},
CONTEXT Low fat mass and hormonal or nutritional deficiencies are often incriminated in bone loss related to thinness. Constitutional thinness has been described in young women with low body mass index (BMI) but close-to-normal body composition, physiological menstruation, no hormonal abnormalities, and no anorexia nervosa (AN) psychological profile. OBJECTIVE Our objective was to determine whether constitutional thinness is associated with impaired bone quality. DESIGN, SETTING, AND… CONTINUE READING


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