Constituents of Trigonostemon chinensis.

  title={Constituents of Trigonostemon chinensis.},
  author={Qin Zhu and Chunping Tang and Chang-qiang Ke and Xi‐qiang Li and Jin Liu and Li-She Gan and Hans-Christoph Weiss and Ernst Rudolf F. Gesing and Yang Ye},
  journal={Journal of natural products},
  volume={73 1},
Phytochemical investigation on the stem bark and wood of Trigonostemon chinensis led to the isolation of four new dinorditerpenoids, trigonostemons A-D (1, 3, 5, 6), a new phenanthrenone, trigonostemon E (7), and a new bisindole alkaloid, trigonostemon F (8). The structures were established by extensive spectroscopic methods. The absolute configurations of 1-6 were determined by X-ray crystallography, circular dichroism, quantum chemical TDDFT calculations, and chemical transformations. The… 

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Two new alkaloids from the twigs of Trigonostemon filipes

Two new indole alkaloids are isolated from Trigonostemon filipes by means of extensive spectroscopic methods and showed weak cytotoxicity against K562 and BEL-7402 human cancer cell lines.

Recent studies on the chemical constituents of Trigonostemon plants

This review was attempted to provide the timely and comprehensive coverage of the chemical and biological studies on Trigonostemon plants, and especially to focus on the recent research progress.

β-Carboline alkaloids from the leaves of Trigonostemon lii Y.T. Chang.

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Six unprecedented bisindole alkaloids, trigolutesins A and B with a unique polycyclic skeleton and trigolute A-D with another poly cyclic skeleton, were isolated from the twigs of Trigonostemon lutescens by spectroscopic data and single-crystal X-ray diffraction crystallography.

Five new degraded diterpenoids from Trigonostemon xyphophylloides.

Trigocherrin A, the first natural chlorinated daphnane diterpene orthoester from Trigonostemon cherrieri.

Trigocherrin A is the first example of a naturally occurring halogenated DDO, isolated from the bark of Trigonostemon cherrieri, that exhibited a potent and selective effect against Chikungunya virus in Vero cells.

Trigoxyphins H and I: two new daphnane diterpenoids from Trigonostemon xyphophylloides.

Trigoflavidols A-C, degraded diterpenoids with antimicrobial activity, from Trigonostemon flavidus.

Trigoflavidols A (1) and B (2), tetranorditerpenoid dimers possessing a rearrangement skeleton with a spiroketal core moiety, and trigoflavidol C (3), a hexanorditerpenoid, have been isolated from

Further Alkaloids from the Leaves of Trigonostemon Lii

Four new indole alkaloids, trigonoliimines D-G (1-4, resp.), were isolated from Trigonostemon lii. Their structures were elucidated by spectroscopic methods, including extensive 1D- and 2D-NMR