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Constituents of Berberis congestiflora and Berberis horrida

  title={Constituents of Berberis congestiflora and Berberis horrida},
  author={R. Torres and Lu{\'i}s Villarroel and A. Arzua and V. Fajardo},

An insight into the potential of berberine in animal nutrition: Current knowledge and future perspectives.

The data discussed in the present review may set the basis for further research on BBR in animal diets for developing novel strategies aiming to improve animal health as well as products with beneficial properties for humans.

Investigating Functional Properties of Barberry Species: An Overview.

One of the most important functional compound in the barberry plant is berberine, which exists in its different parts, which can help to prevent Alzheimer's and neoplastic diseases.

Berberine: Botanical Occurrence, Traditional Uses, Extraction Methods, and Relevance in Cardiovascular, Metabolic, Hepatic, and Renal Disorders

This review describes various methods mentioned in the literature so far with reference to the most important factors influencing berberine extraction, including thin layer chromatography, high performance liquid Chromatography, and mass spectrometry.

Phytochemical and pharmacological studies in genus Berberis

The present review highlighted the phytochemical and pharmacological studies reported from genus Berberis over the last two decades to highlight the need of present day medicinal system.