Consolidation of proteomics data in the Cancer Proteomics database.


Cancer is a class of diseases characterized by abnormal cell growth and one of the major reasons for human deaths. Proteins are involved in the molecular mechanisms leading to cancer, furthermore they are affected by anti-cancer drugs, and protein biomarkers can be used to diagnose certain cancer types. Therefore, it is important to explore the proteomics… (More)
DOI: 10.1002/pmic.201500144


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@article{Arntzen2015ConsolidationOP, title={Consolidation of proteomics data in the Cancer Proteomics database.}, author={Magnus \O. Arntzen and Paul Boddie and Rahel Frick and Christian K{\"o}hler and Bernd Thiede}, journal={Proteomics}, year={2015}, volume={15 22}, pages={3765-71} }