Consistently replicating locus linked to migraine on 10q22-q23.

  title={Consistently replicating locus linked to migraine on 10q22-q23.},
  author={Verneri Anttila and Dale R. Nyholt and Mikko Kallela and Ville Artto and Salli Veps{\"a}l{\"a}inen and Eveliina Jakkula and Annika Wennerstr{\"o}m and P{\"a}ivi Tikka-Kleemola and Mari Anneli Kaunisto and Eija H{\"a}m{\"a}l{\"a}inen and Elisabeth I M Widen and Joseph Terwilliger and Kathleen Ries Merikangas and Grant W. Montgomery and Nicholas G. Martin and Mark Daly and Jaakko Kaprio and L. Peltonen and Markus F{\"a}rkkil{\"a} and Maija Wessman and Aarno V Palotie},
  journal={American journal of human genetics},
  volume={82 5},
Here, we present the results of two genome-wide scans in two diverse populations in which a consistent use of recently introduced migraine-phenotyping methods detects and replicates a locus on 10q22-q23, with an additional independent replication. No genetic variants have been convincingly established in migraine, and although several loci have been reported, none of them has been consistently replicated. We employed the three known migraine-phenotyping methods (clinical end diagnosis, latent… CONTINUE READING


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