Consistent non-pharmacologic blood conservation in primary and reoperative coronary artery bypass grafting.


Because much interest has been focused on blood conservation using different drugs and complicated blood cell processing devices, we analyzed our results with the use of a non-pharmacologic, simple and inexpensive program for blood salvage in 2326 patients undergoing myocardial revascularization. The material was divided into two groups: patients undergoing a primary coronary bypass operation (Group P, n = 2298) and a smaller subset of patients undergoing repeat coronary bypass operation (Group R, n = 28). At least one internal mammary artery was grafted in 99% of the patients, with supplemental saphenous vein grafts. Intraoperatively, autologous heparinized blood was removed before bypass and retransfused at the conclusion of extracorporeal circulation. The volume remaining in the extracorporeal circuit was returned without cell processing or hemofiltration. Autotransfusion of the shed mediastinal blood was continued hourly up to 18 h after surgery in all patients. The mean postoperative mediastinal drainage in group R was 543 +/- 218 ml, compared to 703 +/- 340 ml in Group P (P = 0.01). In Group R, 1 patient (3.6%) received packed red cells and no patients were given other homologous blood products, compared to 33 patients (1.4%) given red cells and 35 patients (1.5%) given plasma transfusion in Group P (NS). Thus, in total, 2257 patients (97.0%) were not exposed to any homologous blood products during hospitalization. Total hemoglobin loss was significantly higher in Group R, resulting in a mean hemoglobin concentration at discharge of 109 +/- 13 g/l, compared to 121 +/- 14 g/l in Group P (P = 0.0002).(ABSTRACT TRUNCATED AT 250 WORDS)

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