Consistent Disaster Recovery for Microservices: the BAC Theorem

  title={Consistent Disaster Recovery for Microservices: the BAC Theorem},
  author={Guy Pardon and C. Pautasso and O. Zimmermann},
  journal={IEEE Cloud Computing},
  • Guy Pardon, C. Pautasso, O. Zimmermann
  • Published 2018
  • Computer Science
  • IEEE Cloud Computing
  • How do you back up a microservice? You dump its database. But how do you back up an entire application decomposed into microservices? In this article, we discuss the tradeoff between the availability and consistency of a microservice-based architecture when a backup of the entire application is being performed. We demonstrate that service designers have to select two out of three qualities: backup, availability, and/or consistency (BAC). Service designers must also consider how to deal with… CONTINUE READING
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