Consistency test of the cell cycle: roles for p53 and EGR1.

  title={Consistency test of the cell cycle: roles for p53 and EGR1.},
  author={Yaara Zwang and Moshe Oren and Yosef Yarden},
  journal={Cancer research},
  volume={72 5},
Mammalian cells are constantly exposed to multiple mitogens and, hence, have developed machineries that help them ignore fortuitous signals. In a recent report in Molecular Cell, we highlighted the molecular details of such a noise-reduction filter, including roles for EGR1, AKT, and p53. Brief exposure to a mitogen drives formation of inhibitory p53-chromatin complexes, which are disabled only if the growth factor is still present several hours later. We propose that this "consistency test… CONTINUE READING
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