Consistency of the counting talk test for exercise prescription.

  title={Consistency of the counting talk test for exercise prescription.},
  author={Brant D. Loose and Ann M. Christiansen and Jill E. Smolczyk and Kelsey L. Roberts and Anna Budziszewska and Crystal G. Hollatz and Joseph F. Norman},
  journal={Journal of strength and conditioning research},
  volume={26 6},
The purpose of this study was to assess the consistency of the counting talk test (CTT) method for estimating exercise intensity across various modes of exercise in healthy young adults. Thirty-six individuals completed the study, which required participation in 3 separate sessions within a 2-week time period. During the first session, the individuals completed a maximal effort treadmill test from which each individual's heart rate reserve (HRR) was calculated. During the second and third… CONTINUE READING
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