Consistency of AO fracture classification for the distal radius.

  title={Consistency of AO fracture classification for the distal radius.},
  author={Hans Kreder and Douglas P. Hanel and Michael Mckee and Jesse B. Jupiter and Glen McGillivary and Marc F. Swiontkowski},
  journal={The Journal of bone and joint surgery. British volume},
  volume={78 5},
We sought to quantify agreement by different assessors of the AO classification for distal fractures of the radius. Thirty radiographs of acute distal radial fractures were evaluated by 36 assessors of varying clinical experience. Our findings suggest that AO 'type' and the presence or absence of articular displacement are measured with high consistency when classification of distal radial fractures is undertaken by experienced observers. Assessors at all experience levels had difficulty… CONTINUE READING