Considering Quipus: Andean Knotted String Records in Analytical Context

  title={Considering Quipus: Andean Knotted String Records in Analytical Context},
  author={Susan A. Niles},
  journal={Reviews in Anthropology},
  pages={102 - 85}
  • S. Niles
  • Published 26 February 2007
  • Computer Science
  • Reviews in Anthropology
The knotted string records used by the Incas to record numerical information and to perform royal histories remain elusive of decipherment. Recent interest among anthropologists in how societies use objects to preserve and record memories has stimulated new research on these quipus. Close analysis of ancient quipus reveals their capacity for containing information that might have been read or recalled. A continuing tradition of displaying quipus in one Andean town shows how the objects function… 
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