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Considering Bookchin’s Critical Social Theory

  title={Considering Bookchin’s Critical Social Theory},
  author={Damian Finbar White and Ted Benton and Geoff Robinson and Sarah Friel},
The work of Murray Bookchin stands as one of the most ambitious attempts in recent times to produce a post-Marxist critical social theory that places ecological concerns at its core. This article argues that this richly elaborated theory has highlighted the distinct limitations of “high modernist” formulations of historical materialism and liberalism. However, it is also maintained that Bookchin’s “organic society” thesis and his theorising about social hierarchy, social domination, and the… 
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Anarchist Murray Bookchin's social ecology converges with ecofeminist politics in several ways, even naming women's caring labours ‘libertarian reason par excellence’. However, Bookchin's theory
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  • T. Luke
  • Political Science, Economics
  • 1999
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Preface to the Second Edition - Introduction - The Time-Space Constitution of Social Systems - Domination, Power and Exploitation: An Analysis - Society as Time-Traveller: Capitalism and World