Considerations that lower pancreatoduodenectomy mortality.

  title={Considerations that lower pancreatoduodenectomy mortality.},
  author={John W. Braasch and Bruce N. Gray},
  journal={American journal of surgery},
  volume={133 4},
To aid in case selection for pancreatoduodencetomy and to gain information on the technical management of this operation and its complications, records of 279 patients who were treated for neoplasm or pancreatitis by this procedure between the years 1957 and 1975 were reviewed. The overall operative mortality was 12.5 per cent and was 10.7 per cent for the years 1969 throught 1974. The use of vagotomy did not prevent postoperative bleeding from the stomach, and the use of a stent did not make a… CONTINUE READING
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