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Considerations regarding monetary and fiscal exit strategies from the crisis

  title={Considerations regarding monetary and fiscal exit strategies from the crisis},
  author={M. Vasilescu},
The recent financial crisis and all unusual monetary and fiscal policy reactions have stressed the importance to be given to understand macroeconomic consequences of policy interventions and their interactions. This profound crisis has led to both nonstandard policy actions of various authorities around the globe, but it has also revealed limitations of traditional modeling tools to guide policymakers’ actions until nowadays. The delicate state of governments’ accounts in many countries is a… 


Monetary Ease: A Factor behind Financial Crises? Some Evidence from OECD Countries
Abstract This paper addresses the question of whether and how easy monetary policy may lead to excesses in financial and real asset markets and ultimately result in financial dislocation. It presents
Monetary and Fiscal Policies Following Crisis Management, Shadow Open Market Committee
  • September 30,
  • 2009