Considerations on "Les Amours de I. du Bellay"

  title={Considerations on "Les Amours de I. du Bellay"},
  author={R. V. Merrill},
  journal={Modern Philology},
  pages={129 - 138}
IN THE collective edition of Joachim du Bellay's French poems, published some eight years after his death by Aubert, appeared a group of twenty-nine sonnets under the title of Les Amours de I. du Bellay.' Of these, Sonnets XXI and XXII had appeared in 1561 in an edition of the Olive; the rest had not seen the light in printed form. All are in decasyllables save the seventeenth through the twentieth, which are in alexandrines; all follow for the sextet the rhyme scheme of ccdeed except Sonnet… Expand