Considerations for Safe Innovation: The Case of Graphene.

  title={Considerations for Safe Innovation: The Case of Graphene.},
  author={Margriet V D Z Park and Eric A. J. Bleeker and W. J. L. Brand and Flemming R Cassee and Merel van Elk and Ilse Gosens and Wim H. de Jong and Johannes A. J. Meesters and Willie J G M Peijnenburg and Joris T K Quik and Rob J. Vandebriel and Adri{\"e}nne J. A. M. Sips},
  journal={ACS nano},
  volume={11 10},
The terms "Safe innovation" and "Safe(r)-by-design" are currently popular in the field of nanotechnology. These terms are used to describe approaches that advocate the consideration of safety aspects already at an early stage of the innovation process of (nano)materials and nanoenabled products. Here, we investigate the possibilities of considering safety aspects during various stages of the innovation process of graphene, outlining what information is already available for assessing potential… CONTINUE READING