Considerações Acerca da Possibilidade de Interposição de Recurso Adesivo no Âmbito dos Juizados Especiais Cíveis Estaduais

  title={Consideraç{\~o}es Acerca da Possibilidade de Interposiç{\~a}o de Recurso Adesivo no {\^A}mbito dos Juizados Especiais C{\'i}veis Estaduais},
  author={Igor Ar{\^e}as Reis Cipriani and Livia Guida Antonio and A. G. J{\'u}nior},
  journal={Iniciaç{\~a}o Cient{\'i}fica Cesumar},
Current analysis is a critical approach favorable to the mechanism of cross appeals foreseen in Article 500 of the Civil Process Code within the State´s Special Civil Courts. The history of the instauration of these Courts is reproduced to demonstrate their contribution to the access of justice, or rather, a means to obtain the development of quality life improvement. Issues on the cross appeal mode are also elucidated. Doctrine and national jurisprudence with regard to the matter is brought… Expand