Conserved water molecules in a large family of microbial ribonucleases.

  title={Conserved water molecules in a large family of microbial ribonucleases.},
  author={Remy Loris and U Langhorst and Stefan De Vos and Klaas Decanniere and Julie Maria Jozefa Bouckaert and Dominique Maes and Thomas R. Transue and Jan Steyaert},
  volume={36 1},
We systematically analyzed the crystallographically determined water molecules of all known structures of RNase T1 and compared them to the ordered solvent in a large number of related microbial nucleases. To assess the crystallographers' impact on the interpretation of the solvent structure, we independently refined five validation structures from diffraction data derived from five isomorphous crystals of RNase T1. We also compared the positions of water molecules found in 11 published… CONTINUE READING