Conserved subfamilies of the Drosophila HeT-A telomere-specific retrotransposon.

  title={Conserved subfamilies of the Drosophila HeT-A telomere-specific retrotransposon.},
  author={Olga N Danilevskaya and Ky Lowenhaupt and Mary Lou Pardue},
  volume={148 1},
HeT-A, a major component of Drosophila telomeres, is the first retrotransposon proposed to have a vital cellular function. Unlike most retrotransposons, more than half of its genome is noncoding. The 3' end contains > 2.5 kb of noncoding sequence. Copies of HeT-A differ by insertions or deletions and multiple nucleotide changes, which initially led us to conclude that HeT-A noncoding sequences are very fluid. However, we can now report, on the basis of new sequences and further analyses, that… CONTINUE READING