Conserved Tetramer Junction in the Kinetochore Ndc80 Complex.

  title={Conserved Tetramer Junction in the Kinetochore Ndc80 Complex.},
  author={Roberto Valverde and Jessica R Ingram and Stephen C Harrison},
  journal={Cell reports},
  volume={17 8},
The heterotetrameric Ndc80 complex establishes connectivity along the principal longitudinal axis of a kinetochore. Its two heterodimeric subcomplexes, each with a globular end and a coiled-coil shaft, connect end-to-end to create a ∼600 Å long rod spanning the gap from centromere-proximal structures to spindle microtubules. Neither subcomplex has a known function on its own, but the heterotetrameric organization and the characteristics of the junction are conserved from yeast to man. We have… CONTINUE READING