Conservative management of extramammary paget disease with imiquimod.

  title={Conservative management of extramammary paget disease with imiquimod.},
  author={Glauco Baiocchi and Maria Dirlei Ferreira de Souza Begnami and Elza Mieko Fukazawa and Walyson Silva Surima and Levon Badiglian-Filho and Felipe D'almeida Costa and Renato R. R. de Oliveira and Carlos Chaves Faloppa and Lillian Yuri Kumagai and Fernando Augusto Soares},
  journal={Journal of lower genital tract disease},
  volume={16 1},
OBJECTIVE Extramammary Paget disease is a rare cutaneous neoplasm that most frequently affects the vulva. Surgery remains the preferred treatment, despite its association with high recurrence rates. Few reports have described conservative treatments for vulvar Paget disease. Our aim was to evaluate the efficacy of conservative treatment with imiquimod. MATERIALS AND METHODS We performed a retrospective analysis of 4 patients who were treated with topical imiquimod 5% cream. RESULTS One… CONTINUE READING

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