Conservation of the Type IV secretion system throughout Wolbachia evolution.

  title={Conservation of the Type IV secretion system throughout Wolbachia evolution.},
  author={Samuel Pichon and Didier Bouchon and Richard Cordaux and Lanming Chen and Roger A. Garrett and Pierre Gr{\`e}ve},
  journal={Biochemical and biophysical research communications},
  volume={385 4},
The Type IV Secretion System (T4SS) is an efficient pathway with which bacteria can mediate the transfer of DNA and/or proteins to eukaryotic cells. In Wolbachia pipientis, a maternally inherited obligate endosymbiont of arthropods and nematodes, two operons of vir genes, virB3-B6 and virB8-D4, encoding a T4SS were previously identified and characterized at two separate genomic loci. Using the largest data set of Wolbachia strains studied so far, we show that vir gene sequence and organization… CONTINUE READING