Conservation of solvent-binding sites in 10 crystal forms of T4 lysozyme.

  title={Conservation of solvent-binding sites in 10 crystal forms of T4 lysozyme.},
  author={Xuejun Zhang and Brian W. Matthews},
  journal={Protein science : a publication of the Protein Society},
  volume={3 7},
Solvent-binding sites were compared in 10 different crystal forms of phage T4 lysozyme that were refined using data from 2.6 A to 1.7 A resolution. The sample included 18 crystallographically independent lysozyme molecules. Despite different crystallization conditions, variable crystal contacts, changes due to mutation, and varying attention to solvent during crystallographic refinement, 62% of the 20 most frequently occupied sites were conserved. Allowing for potential steric interference from… CONTINUE READING

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