Consequences of complex signaling: predator detection of multimodal cues

  title={Consequences of complex signaling: predator detection of multimodal cues},
  author={J. A. Roberts and P. Taylor and G. Uetz},
  journal={Behavioral Ecology},
  • J. A. Roberts, P. Taylor, G. Uetz
  • Published 2007
  • Biology
  • Behavioral Ecology
  • Animals often evolve complex signals to enhance their detectability by intended receivers. But signals that are more detectable by intended receivers may also be more likely to be intercepted by others, including predators. Courtship signaling in male Schizocosa ocreata wolf spiders (Lycosidae) includes morphological traits (prominent foreleg tufts) and active behaviors that together produce a complex signal with simultaneous broadcast of visual and seismic components. Females respond more… CONTINUE READING
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