Consequences of Regional-Scale Nuclear Conflicts

  title={Consequences of Regional-Scale Nuclear Conflicts},
  author={Owen Brian Toon and Alan Robock and Richard P. Turco and Charles G. Bardeen and Luke D. Oman and Georgiy L. Stenchikov},
  pages={1224 - 1225}
Numerous deaths and dangerous climate effects would result from use of low-yield nuclear weapons being stockpiled in many parts of the world. 
Can a collapse of global civilization be avoided?
Overpopulation, overconsumption by the rich and poor choices of technologies are major drivers; dramatic cultural change provides the main hope of averting calamity.
Framing Global Catastrophic Risk - Recent and Future Research
This article is a literature review about global catastrophic risks. Its contribution is to give an overview of the research field in general and highlight the main potential catastrophic areas lin
Atmospheric effects and societal consequences of regional scale nuclear conflicts and acts of individual nuclear terrorism
We assess the potential damage and smoke production associated with the detonation of small nuclear weapons in modern megacities. While the number of nuclear warheads in the world has fallen by about
Nuclear Weapons in a Changing Climate: Probability, Increasing Risks, and Perception
Follow this and additional works at: Part of the Bioresource and Agricultural Engineering Commons, Climate Commons, Environmental Health and Protection Commons,
The continuing environmental threat of nuclear weapons: Integrated policy responses
Humans have come to the realization that pollution of the atmosphere with gases and particles in the past 50 years is the dominant cause of atmospheric change [Intergovernmental Panel on Climate
A regional nuclear conflict would compromise global food security
This study shows that a regional conflict using <1% of the worldwide nuclear arsenal could have adverse consequences for global food security unmatched in modern history.
Self-assured destruction: The climate impacts of nuclear war
A nuclear war between Russia and the United States, even after the arsenal reductions planned under New START, could produce a nuclear winter. Hence, an attack by either side could be suicidal,
Climatic consequences of regional nuclear conflicts
We use a modern climate model and new esti- mates of smoke generated by fires in contemporary cities to calculate the response of the climate system to a regional nu- clear war between emerging third
Proposal to the Open Philanthropy Project Environmental and Human Impacts of Nuclear War
We propose to calculate in detail for the first time the impacts of nuclear war on agriculture, the oceanic food chain, and the human impacts through availability of food and pressure on migration.


Environmental Consequences of Nuclear War
As the end of the century approaches, humanity is seeking a broader, deeper sense of security. In this context the voice of the international scientific community must be clearly articulated in order
The gravest danger : nuclear weapons
The mortal danger of nuclear weapons is unique in its terrifying potential for devastation on an unprecedented and unimaginable scale. In this book, Sidney D. Drell and James E. Goodby-each with more
Out of the nuclear shadow
Introduction 1. Voices of conscience - The Atom bomb and Ahimsa - India's obsession, our choice - India's nuclear nemesis - The end of imagination - Of men, women and bombs -The epidemic of
High‐latitude eruptions cast shadow over the African monsoon and the flow of the Nile
Nile River records indicate very low flow following the 1783–1784 Laki volcanic eruption, as well as after other high‐latitude volcanic eruptions. As shown by climate model simulations of the Laki
Plutonium and Highly Enriched Uranium 1996: World Inventories, Capabilities, and Policies
Plutonium and highly enriched uranium (HEU) are the basic materials used in nuclear weapons. Plutonium also plays an important part in the generation of nuclear electricity. Knowing how much
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