Consensus Statement on Diagnostic Criteria for PHACE Syndrome.

  title={Consensus Statement on Diagnostic Criteria for PHACE Syndrome.},
  author={Denise W. Metry and G L Heyer and Christopher P. Hess and Maria C. Garzon and Anita N Haggstrom and Peter C. Frommelt and Denise M Adams and Dawn Siegel and Karla A Hall and Julie A. S. Powell and Ilona J Frieden and Beth Ann Drolet},
  volume={124 5},
OBJECTIVES A subgroup of patients with infantile hemangiomas have associated structural anomalies of the brain, cerebral vasculature, eyes, sternum, and/or aorta in the neurocutaneous disorder known as PHACE syndrome. The diagnosis has been broadly inclusive by using a case definition of a facial hemangioma plus >or=1 extracutaneous features, leading to numerous reports of potential associated disease features, many of uncertain significance. This consensus statement was thus developed to… CONTINUE READING
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