Consensus Politics: The Dynastic Crisis of the 1490s Reconsidered

  title={Consensus Politics: The Dynastic Crisis of the 1490s Reconsidered},
  author={N. S. Kollmann},
  journal={The Russian Review},
The political conflict of the 1490s at the Muscovite court has generated numerous interpretations; inherent in each is a particular understanding of Kremlin politics. Despite the high stature and meticulous research of the scholars who have addressed the problem, their attempts to ascertain what the crisis consisted of, and who gained and lost what from it, have not been convincing. The interpretation that follows derives from my conviction that the fundamental issue in most such crises in the… Expand
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Ivan IV (1533–1584)
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The central government and its institutions
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The emergence of Moscow (1359–1462)
Kievan Rus’ (1015–1125)
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The origins of Rus’ (c.900–1015)
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Rulers and Ruled, 1700–1917
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Local government and administration
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Medieval Russia, 980-1584
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