Consensus Guidelines for Therapeutic Drug Monitoring in Neuropsychopharmacology: Update 2017.

  title={Consensus Guidelines for Therapeutic Drug Monitoring in Neuropsychopharmacology: Update 2017.},
  author={C. Hiemke and N. Bergemann and H. W. Clement and A. Conca and J. Deckert and K. Domschke and G. Eckermann and K. Egberts and M. Gerlach and C. Greiner and G. Gr{\"u}nder and E. Haen and U. Havemann-Reinecke and G. Hefner and R. Helmer and G. Janssen and E. Jaquenoud and G. Laux and T. Messer and R. Moessner and M. M{\"u}ller and M. Paulzen and B. Pfuhlmann and P. Riederer and A. Saria and B. Schoppek and G. Schoretsanitis and M. Schwarz and M. S. Gracia and B. Stegmann and W. Steimer and J. Stingl and M. Uhr and S. Ulrich and S. Unterecker and R. Waschgler and G. Zernig and G. Zurek and P. Baumann},
  volume={51 1-02},
  • C. Hiemke, N. Bergemann, +36 authors P. Baumann
  • Published 2018
  • Medicine
  • Pharmacopsychiatry
  • Authors C. Hiemke1, 2, N. Bergemann3, H. W. Clement4, A. Conca5, J. Deckert6, K. Domschke7, G. Eckermann8, K. Egberts9, M. Gerlach9, C. Greiner10, G. Gründer11, E. Haen12, U. Havemann-Reinecke13, G. Hefner14, R. Helmer15, G. Janssen16, E. Jaquenoud17, G. Laux18, T. Messer19, R. Mössner20, M. J. Müller21, M. Paulzen11, B. Pfuhlmann22, P. Riederer6, A. Saria23, B. Schoppek24, G. Schoretsanitis25, M. Schwarz26, M. Silva Gracia12, B. Stegmann12, W. Steimer27, J. C. Stingl10, M. Uhr28, S. Ulrich29… CONTINUE READING
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