Consensus-Based Acne Classification System and Treatment Algorithm for Spain.


Acne is a chronic inflammatory disease whose psychosocial effects can greatly impair quality of life. Various scales are used to classify the severity of acne, and several treatment algorithms are currently applied: no consensus on a common scale or treatment guidelines has been reached. A group of Spanish experts therefore met to identify a scale the majority could accept as the most appropriate for classifying severity and treating accordingly. The group chose the following classifications: comedonal acne, mild or moderate papulopustular acne, severe papulopustular acne, moderate nodular acne, and nodular-cystic acne (or acne tending to leave scars). Consensus was reached on first- and second-choice treatments for each type and on maintenance treatment. The experts also issued specific recommendations on antibiotic use (starting with mild or moderate papulopustular acne), always in combination with retinoids and/or benzoyl peroxide. The use of isotretinoin (starting at severe papulopustular or moderate nodular acne) was also covered.

DOI: 10.1016/

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