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Consciousness and Quantum Theory: Strange Bedfellows

  title={Consciousness and Quantum Theory: Strange Bedfellows},
  author={Barry Loewer},
When I look at the scale of the apparatus I know what it reads. Those absurdly delicate, hopelessly inaccessible, global correlations obviously vanish when they connect up with me. Whether this is because consciousness is beyond the range of phenomena that quantum mechanics is capable of dealing with, or because it has infinitely many degrees of freedom or special super selection rules of its own, I would not presume to guess. But this is a puzzle about consciousness that should not get mixed… 

Consciousness and the Collapse of the Wave Function

Does consciousness collapse the quantum wave function? This idea was taken seriously by John von Neumann and Eugene Wigner but is now widely dismissed. We develop the idea by combining a mathematical

Position Measurements and the Empirical Status of Particles in Bohmian Mechanics

The article addresses the debate about the empirical status of particles versus wave functions in Bohmian quantum mechanics. It thereby clarifies questions and misconceptions about the role of the

Research on the interaction between quantum entanglement and thinking consciousness

It is put forward that all things have an interconnected of non-locality in time and space, and everything in the universe is based on interrelate of quantum entanglement.


This paper describes a theory explaining precognition literally as the “pre-cognition” of information contained within the percipient’s brain in the future—a link with his or her future experience of

Book Excerpt

  • S. Braude
  • Psychology
    Critical Studies in Fashion & Beauty
  • 2018
In certain respects, the evidence for psychokinesis is similar to that in the case of an unsolved crime. We must determine whether it is reliable, and then decide which clues are important and what

Articlex Biophysical Approach to Psi Phenomena

The problems and possibilities of modern parapsychology are discussed from the viewpoint of the natural sciences, focusing on the research senses. First, the author points out that more consideration


This paper outlines the types of experimenter effects that occur in parapsychological research. A distinction is drawn between those effects that seem to be mediated by psychological variables and

REDUNDANCY IN PSI INFORMATION Implications for the Goal-Oriented Hypothesis and for the Application of Psi

  • Psychology
  • 2013
The concept of redundancy, defined as multiple or repeated transmission of the same information, underlies most technical methods that have been proposed to increase the reliability of psi.