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Conocimientos sobre el tratamiento médico del asma en padres de niños asmáticos

  title={Conocimientos sobre el tratamiento m{\'e}dico del asma en padres de ni{\~n}os asm{\'a}ticos},
  author={Rolando Quesada Sancho and Lourdes Romero Garc{\'i}a},
[Impact of a program of health education for the asthmatic child and their families].
The Health Education Program for Asthmatic Children and Families had a high impact on children asthma control, with a significant decrease in emergency visits, admissions, and drug use, becoming a useful model.
Levels of knowledge about asthma of parents of asthmatic children
Most parents had an unsatisfactory level of knowledge about asthma, which reinforces the need for changes in public asthma management programs.
Nivel de conocimientos y autocuidado de adultos con asma de la consulta de neumología. Monterrey-México.
Se corroboro la relacion directa y positiva entre el nivel de conocimientos y the capacidad de autocuidado en los pacientes con asma participantes del estudio.


La educacin teraputica en el asma
Patients and caregivers should be provided with an individual written action plan based on symptoms and/or forced expiratory volume in 1 second and periodic follow-up visits are also required.
Validation of an asthma knowledge questionnaire
The development and validation of an asthma knowledge questionnaire is described and it should prove to be a valuable research tool for the assessment of asthma knowledge either as part of an educational intervention or in a clinical situation.
Parental asthma knowledge: Its association with readmission of children to hospital
To assess whether poor parental knowledge about asthma was a risk factor for readmission of their children to hospital, a large number of children were admitted to hospital with asthma.
Asthma knowledge, attitudes, and quality of life in adolescents.
Although specific knowledge on asthma is low, students and teachers hold favourable attitudes towards asthma, and there are opportunities to intervene and improve asthma management among adolescents.
Parental asthma knowledge.
The low asthma knowledge level indicates the need to increase the effort in educating parents, and the main indicator for higher knowledge was steroid usage and dosage.