Connexin40-deficient mice exhibit atrioventricular nodal and infra-Hisian conduction abnormalities.

  title={Connexin40-deficient mice exhibit atrioventricular nodal and infra-Hisian conduction abnormalities.},
  author={Brian A. Vanderbrink and Caterina Sellitto and Samir Saba and Mark S. Link and Wei Zhu and Munthur K Homoud and N. A. Mark Estes and David L. Paul and Paul J Wang},
  journal={Journal of cardiovascular electrophysiology},
  volume={11 11},
INTRODUCTION Previous electrophysiologic investigations have described AV conduction disturbances in connexin40 (Cx40)-deficient mice. Because expression of Cx40 occurs predominantly in the atria and His-Purkinje system of the mouse heart, the AV conduction disturbances were thought to be secondary to disruption in His-Purkinje function. However, the lack of a His-bundle electrogram recording in the mouse has limited further investigation of the importance of Cx40. Using a novel technique to… CONTINUE READING

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