Connexin32 gap junction channels in stably transfected cells: unitary conductance.

  title={Connexin32 gap junction channels in stably transfected cells: unitary conductance.},
  author={Alonso P. Moreno and Behrokh Eghbali and David Conover Spray},
  journal={Biophysical journal},
  volume={60 5},
Pairs of SKHep1 cells, which are derived from a highly metastatic human hepatoma, were studied using the whole cell voltage clamp technique with patch-type electrodes containing CsCl as the major ionic species. In 12 of 81 cell pairs, current flow through junctional membranes was detectable; in the remaining 69 cell pairs, junctional conductance was less than the noise limit of our recording apparatus (worst case: 10 pS). Macroscopic junctional conductance (gj) in the small percentage of pairs… CONTINUE READING

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