Connective tissue activation. XIV. Composition and actions of a human platelet autacoid mediator.

  title={Connective tissue activation. XIV. Composition and actions of a human platelet autacoid mediator.},
  author={C. William Castor and James Carl Ritchie and Charles H. Williams and Marilyn E. Scott and Susan L. Whitney and Stephen L Myers and Tod B. Sloan and Burt E. Anderson},
  journal={Arthritis and rheumatism},
  volume={22 3},
Connective tissue activating peptide-III (CTAP-III) isolated from human platelets is a potent mitogen for human connective tissue cells in culture in addition to stimulating glycosaminoglycan synthesis, glucose consumption, and lactate formation. The amino acid composition of apparently homogeneous CTAP-III was determined, confirming the presence of two disulfide links and providing a calculated molecular weight of 11,633 daltons. Comparison of the mitogenic activity of serum and plasma-serum… CONTINUE READING


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