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Connections and Parallel Transport

  title={Connections and Parallel Transport},
  author={Florin Dumitrescu},
  journal={arXiv: Differential Geometry},
In this short note we give an elementary proof of the fact that connections and their geometric parallel-transport counterpart are equivalent notions. 
1|1 Parallel Transport and Connections
A vector bundle with connection over a supermanifold leads naturally to a notion of parallel transport along superpaths. In this note we show that {\it every} such parallel transport along superpaths
A new look at connections
In this note we make use of some properties of vector fields on a manifold to give an alternate proof to [3] for the equivalence between connections and parallel transport on vector bundles over
Connections on smooth Lie algebra bundles
We define the notion of Lie Ehresmann connection on Lie algebra bundles and show that a Lie connection on a Lie algebra bundle induces a Lie Ehresmann connection. The converse is proved for normed
Principal Bundles and Gauge Theories
This set of lecture notes fills a hole that in the authors opinion currently exists in the available literature on (prequantum or first quantised) gauge theory: theoretical physics texts do lots of
The character map in equivariant twistorial Cohomotopy implies the Green-Schwarz mechanism with heterotic M5-branes
The celebrated Green-Schwarz mechanism in heterotic string theory has been suggested to secretly underly a higher gauge theoretic phenomenon, embodying a higher Bianchi identity for a higher-degree


Parallel Transport and Functors
Parallel transport of a connection in a smooth fibre bundle yields a functor from the path groupoid of the base manifold into a category that describes the fibres of the bundle. We characterize
A group of loops is associated to every smooth pointed manifold M using a strong homotopy relation. It is shown that the holonomy of a connection on a principal G-bundle may be presented as a group
Holonomy and parallel transport for Abelian gerbes
In this paper, we establish a one-to-one correspondence between U(1)-gerbes with connections, on the one hand, and their holonomies, for simply connected manifolds, or their parallel transports, in
Connections on non-abelian Gerbes and their Holonomy
We introduce an axiomatic framework for the parallel transport of connections on gerbes. It incorporates parallel transport along curves and along surfaces, and is formulated in terms of gluing
Lie Groupoids and Lie Algebroids in Differential Geometry
Introduction 1. The algebra of groupoids 2. Topological groupoids 3. Lie groupoids and Lie algebroids 4. The cohomology of Lie algebroids 5. An obstruction to the integrability of transitive Lie
On 2-dimensional topological field theories
In this paper we give a characterization of 2-dimensional topological field theories over a space $X$ as Frobenius bundles with connections over $LX$, the free loop space of $X$. This is a
There is a large mathematical literature on classical mechanics and field theory, especially on the relationship to symplectic geometry. One might think that the classical Chern-Simons theory, which
Holonomy and path structures in general relativity and Yang-Mills theory
This article is about a different representation of the geometry of the gravitational field, one in which the paths of test bodies play a crucial role. The primary concept is the geometry of the
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