Connectionism and cognitive architecture: A critical analysis

  title={Connectionism and cognitive architecture: A critical analysis},
  author={Jerry A. Fodor and Zenon W. Pylyshyn},
This paper explores the difference between Connectionist proposals for cognitive a r c h i t e c t u r e a n d t h e s o r t s o f m o d e l s t hat have traditionally been assum e d i n c o g n i t i v e s c i e n c e . W e c l a i m t h a t t h e m a j o r d i s t i n c t i o n i s t h a t , w h i l e b o t h Connectionist and Classical architectures postulate representational mental states, the latter but not the former are committed to a symbol-level of representation, or to a ‘language of… CONTINUE READING
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