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Connectionism: A Current Approach to Mind in Cognitive Science and Philosophy

  title={Connectionism: A Current Approach to Mind in Cognitive Science and Philosophy},
  author={E. Kraemer},
The rise of cognitive science, encompassing developments in neurobiology, computer science, linguistics, psychology, anthropology, and philosophy of science in the mid-20 th century, has dramatically reshaped the way both mind and brain are conceived of and studied in contemporary academic settings. The mind-body dualism characteristic of Descartes and others has lost ground to monistic, materialistic accounts of mind, insofar as “mind” is conceived as either the brain, or subsystems of it… Expand


Matter and consciousness
What is folk psychology?
Rules " in the same publication, 660-670. 3 That an output is computable from an input in a finite number of elementary operations
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The Engine of Reason, the Seat of the Soul 11 18. 21 Arguments 5-8 are found in Churchland
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Intertheoretic Relations
  • Folk Psychology and the philosophy of Mind
  • 1993