Connection Problem for the Tau-Function of the Sine-Gordon Reduction of Painlevé-III Equation via the Riemann-Hilbert Approach

  title={Connection Problem for the Tau-Function of the Sine-Gordon Reduction of Painlev{\'e}-III Equation via the Riemann-Hilbert Approach},
  author={Alexander Its and Andrei Prokhorov},
  journal={International Mathematics Research Notices},
  • A. ItsA. Prokhorov
  • Published 24 June 2015
  • Mathematics
  • International Mathematics Research Notices
We evaluate explicitly, in terms of the Cauchy data, the constant pre-factor in the large $x$ asymptotics of the Painleve III tau-function. Our result proves the conjectural formula for this pre-factor obtained recently by O. Lisovyy, Y. Tykhyy, and the first co-author with the help of the recently discovered connection of the Painleve tau-functions with the Virasoro conformal blocks. Our approach does not use this connection, and it is based on the Riemann-Hilbert method. 

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